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IIUnite's Story

Have you ever dreamed of talking your social media icon? I have many of times over in life. The only issue with that is you would ever have to pay to go to a meet and greet if they did one, or pay money to sent a chat to them. I felt like this just wasn't enough, you pay sometimes way too much for such a short interaction that is anti-climatic. So I started working towards a solution something that is free for fans to use. With many days and night thinking of ways to make this possible I finally stumbled upon an idea that just might work, and that is with the app I will call IIUnite.

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What Makes IIUnite Special For Fans

  • Its ability to be completely FREE to the fans! no more paying to talk to your favorite creator!

  • The main feature being 1-1 Video calls!

  • Ability to be notified when you're able to enter a creators post again! no more missing out!

  • A promise to always find unique ways for fans to connect with their favorite social media creators for FREE

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What Makes IIUnite Special For Creators

  • Your ability to choose between a generic AD or your own!

  • To have all your social media profiles on your page!

  • Set the length of how long your fans can enter, how many can win, and how long the video chat is!

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Who Is The Creator Of IIUnite?

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Who knew a small town boy from northwest Indiana, who grew up an Introvert would make a social media app? That whole sentence still blows my mind, but my name is Michael Norcutt. I grew up idolizing creators on social media sites like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc.. As I grew up I played all the games they did, I tried all the challenges I saw, and I mimicked them as much as I could. To the point of trying to create my own YouTube and twitch channel. Unfortunatly to this day don't believe I was any good because I lack a want to be in the publics eye. Im just glad I'm doing the things I am now, and hopefully going to change the way creators interact with their fans.


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